ferrell-maggieFerrell Kitchens holds a BBA degree in Real Estate and Urban Development from the University of Georgia. He founded Dreamworks Homes, Inc. and serves as its president. Additionally, he is the principal of Kitchens Appraisers & Consultants, Inc. holding the highest level of appraisal license (Certified General) the state of Georgia offers. He has served as an appraiser for the Veterans Administration (VA) for over 20 years. Ferrell has served in a variety of capacities both professionally and in community service. In his early career he was a successful real estate broker in Macon earning life membership in the Million Dollar Club. During this time he served in many local and state capacities including being one of the Board of Governors for GRI, trustee for the state political action committee, local and state director and other capacities. Civic activities have also been an active part of his agenda serving as chairman of the Board of Tax Assessors as well as being vice chairman of the county commission. In 2001, Ferrell increased his involvement in new construction forming Dreamworks Homes, Inc. Having the benefit of inspecting thousands of both new and used homes, he observed a basic need in the local market for better quality, smaller homes. His commitment was to provide affordable homes with features the public didn’t expect. A typical Dreamworks Home has virtually everything included as standard that are extras in most competitive houses. Ferrell enjoys a full time personal life. He lives here in Houston County. He owns LoneOak Farm just over in Peach County where he raises and trains English Pointer bird dogs for field trials. He has Tennessee Walking horses as well as homing pigeons and a variety of wildlife which are very protected. One of his great passions is riding around the farm with “Maggie”checking the many food plots he plants for all Gods creatures. He feels particularly blessed to have his son John in the day to day operations of Dreamworks. Ferrell’s approach to life is fairly simple. Pray daily for the wisdom and guidance to properly handle all personal and professional matters. Love and take care of your family. Finally, treat everyone with fairness and in the way you would like to be treated. He considers it a privilege when a potential buyer considers a home he has built and absolutely does not compromise the trust his customers place in him. “Close enough is never good enough” ~ Ferrell
John Kitchens is a 1996 graduate of Brenau University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.  He has been active in the real estate field most of his adult life.  He joined his dad, Ferrell at Kitchens Appraisers & Consultants in 1999.  John has climbed the appraisal ladder to now being a Certified Residential appraiser which is the highest level of license the state of Georgia offers for residential appraisers.  As the construction portion of the business increased, John has been an integral part of the construction process.  Most of the really cool design ideas seen in a Dreamworks home are the result of his research and imagination.  John has never been afraid to try something different, most of the time it’s worked great and become the “new normal”.  In addition to his involvement with Dreamworks and Kitchens Appraisers, John owns Southern Properties of Georgia, Inc.  Southern Properties builds homes along side Dreamworks that are similar in all aspects.  At times, we and the real estate agents get confused on which entity a home belongs to.  Pleasing customers is the highest priority to him with virtually 100% customer satisfaction.

John’s life is well rounded.  In his early years, John and Ferrell spent many hours outdoors pursuing a variety of shotgun related sports.  Shooting competitive skeet was a big part of his life where he achieved huge success.  There were many highlights which included winning 9 world championships in various gauge and age categories.  Additionally, he was a feared competitor for the adults in open competition having won several championships against the best shooters in the world.  One major highlight was an invitation to be flown to the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO to work with the Olympic team.  Being true to his colors, John chose to abandon that course since it would require him changing everything about his game he loved including shooting with his buddies at home.

Likely, the most meaningful part of John’s life is his relationship with God.  He is very active in First Presbyterian Church in Macon serving as chairman of the Board of Deacons.  In that capacity he quietly and humbly does a lot of good work for those in need.  It’s normal for him to be involved with other men during their off time to help others in need.  Some of the stories he has told of these experiences are very heartwarming and make one thankful they enjoy the life they do.

John sits on the board for a charitable non-profit corporation that donates large sums of money annually for community good.  He takes that task seriously to assure money goes to places of real need and that will have the greatest possibility of enhancing the community and people’s lives.  One of John’s greatest attributes is his compassion for people and animals.  He has a wonderful heart and demonstrates it in his professional and business life.

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